Luxury Living and Professional Service

- William Harris
This is my second time living at Sunrise Harbor and I must say that both times, the professionalism I have received dealing with staff has been 5 star. The maintenance team is polite and wonderful, they say hello, the attend to your request in timely manner and its just a joy to have that as a part of your living here. I won't even go into the location, because obviously that is the selling point. The pool is amazing, its heated and I swim laps in there at least 4 times a week. The gym needs to be updated, but if you are a gym rat like me and like heavy weights they have everything in there. My only complaint about sunrise harbor and its minor and that is I hope they fix the sauna soon, so I can sweat it out in there, because if so this will be the best place ever to live in my opinion. The apartment is big for a 1 bedroom, I am in one of the non updated units and I still love my floors and the paint. Honestly on Super Bowl sunday, I felt the need to write this, I hope you get a chance to experience what I have, because I know everyone isn't the same. If it were me, I'd say, "Choose Sunrise Harbor"